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李连收|钢丝条刷Chapter 29 the horse takes pride< / p > < p > on the other side, han rong returned to camp, is the grand reception by yuan xi, although early know this old formidable, but after all, the old hebei four court column in the past, do not need the veteran horse, now jizhou crisis, the old hand, will be lu bu's generals to suppress, when really unexpected joy.Rostrum, one of the teachers of the law, is different from everyone acquaint with of the teachers of the law, the teachers of the law to wear is not Confucianism, elegance, missing a little more a capable of gas, the words in a very formal way: "the gentleman, please forgive me, and now popular discontent bubbled up in the city, have to master, before wash grievances, forbid anyone to move house."

"Big deal? Youth shake head to sigh a way: "master lu bu to far, the misappropriation of jingzhou, now, it seems, is tightly sealed, this way can see, the people are rich, but do not break again tough qi, bureaucracy qingming, officials and harmony, I jiangdong as well, for now, don't think the world united lyu3 bu4, a total review is associated with lyu3 bu4, outbred recent attack, not necessarily any time makes sense, I Jiang Dongre really take jingzhou, master ever wondered how to face north to the teacher of the tiger?""No." Zhang shook his head. "though he is stubborn, Mr. Yuan hao has always been loyal and has never been two-hearted.""Om ~"李连收|"Even if leave her, CAI MAO will not fear, after all, a husband and wife, han sheng no longer advised. Liu biao shook his head, turned to look at liu qi, see a face of fear, can not help but disappointed sigh, came to the room, just before Mrs CAI sat in the place but hidden a hidden lattice, liu biao from one of the big seal.

李连收|Jia visit smell speech heart move, to ma chao way: "general, I have a plan, or can cheat li man into the city to fight!""This...... Yuan shang was stunned, then shook his head with a bitter smile and said, "let him go." At this moment, there is really a feeling of despair."Yes, uncle! Li3 pan4 wen4 yan can not help but exorbitant, bow body way: "nephew son assurance, huang Lao general will never let uncle disappointed."

"Li zhao, life you stay in anyi, others with me stationed in fen-yin, dayang!" Li dian finally some can't sit still, ma chao has gone, oneself still cower in the city however, spread out, not let a person laugh off big tooth?Xu chu was so angry that he took a sledgehammer in his hand and held it up by fire."New? Pang tong was struck by the fact that he had been born into a family of bookish people, and had studied such things. As soon as he got into the book, he judged that the paper used in the book could not be more than three months old.李连收|




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