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演习中营长遭敌斩首|海纳八宝植物润黑露Putting down the letter paper in his hand, CAI MAO frowned and turned to look at his younger brother CAI zhong, saying, "second brother, where is the messenger of lv bu now?""Oh?" Lv bu is surprised way: "did Yang yi mountain come back?"Be shocked not only is cao cao, more numerous allied soldiers and men, the handsome flag down, the heart of the army, what's more, lv bu this arrow of the wei too terrible, for a time, even rear command archer MAO jie all some fear.

The sunrise, the warmth of the sun, the world, but at the moment of yecheng, but give a person a kind of the feeling of dying, the figure of zhang he dragged in the sunshine of the jaw, the hands of a steel, oblique thorn sky, as if to give days to burst, is surrounded by a mighty long slave soldiers to around, looking at zhang he, eyes flashing with greed and fear her light."The little girl don't want to use her tongue to fight with me for 300 rounds, no, with you, within ten, I can take your life!" Zhang fei will zhang eight snake spear one action, harsh voice shouted.Abnormal condition!演习中营长遭敌斩首|Liu bei did not know what was going on in the other places bordering lubu, but he thought it would be no better than here.

演习中营长遭敌斩首|"Lord, let the two generals of guan zhang fall under the door and lure him into the city under false pretenses. This time definitely call lv bu to lose fierce general!" Sima lang sink voice.After two years, again with cao cao charge, let lv bu full of expectations, the last time they came too late, and just came to the world of their own, is really not cao cao's opponent, but now, lu bu is very much looking forward to the battle with cao cao."General, the last one will be honored!" Pound held the spear still stuck in his body and saluted zhang liao.

Therefore, country, ready or not, whether liu's table have to invasion, but also to fight against the luoyang, luoyang, as long as is broken, lyu3 bu4 territory there is gap, to the west can guide the guanzhong, north can be spent in jizhou, at that time, lyu3 bu4 then spent in jizhou, will attend, withdrawing troops would not necessarily, but distractions he gu, this battle will be easier."See father." Liu qi stepped forward and bowed to liu biao."Cut the messenger to pieces. Don't let him lose his mind." CAI MAO stuffy hum 1 arrive, this matter if spread, can be the fame that made liu bei.演习中营长遭敌斩首|




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