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相泽リナ|西北旅游论坛"Master, this is cao cao wrote to xuchang urgent documents, jun army hay has been exhausted, can be broken in a few days, and now jun big army tuen and guandu, xuchang empty rear, master just need to lead hundreds of elite troops, straight on xuchang, cao" guards can't take into account, must not attack from chaos, master cause! " Xu togeher laughed.Soon, the drums and gongs sounded again, the sergeant got zhang he command, didn't care, continue to sleep."No!" Murong stating at the moment just found some wrong, temuzhen army in front of us, their families were killed together, if this time lyu3 bu4 attack...

There is such a "famous man" as an example. For a family, the existence of xu togeher is not only the patron saint of the family, but also has an invisible impact on the behavior of family members.Choose a cavalry with the largest number of people, lyu3 bu4 with the remnant of three hundred moon people from riding, far behind, also not in a hurry to kill the enemy, just put arrows from time to time, or rushed directly up to the other party just gathered formation scattered.Trial with said, hurriedly put the wave, let already falling in grant hold of the two guards left, smiling at lombardi way: "lyu3 bu4 in the battle of hetao, after defeating the huns, in the north prestige increased greatly, bing zhang he alone, it is better to let the note to bing, adjuvant trial."相泽リナ|"With your performance in the western regions, lyu3 bu4 will at least give you a miscellaneous general status, why go? Here is not good?" Pang tong puzzled look at zhaoyun, but see zhaoyun also a face of doubt toward him: "why? I have something on my face?"

相泽リナ|"Woo-woo-woo-woo-woo-woo"Liang Xing fought hard for half a day, Already at the end of his tether, under the madness of the martin attack, Struggling to support a dozen rounds, has exhausted, every time the knife against, all want to sniff, constantly squeezing the strength of the body, Ma Tie's marksmanship, quite fast, accurate, malicious three flavors, a little careless, will be a lot of blood marks on the body, Liang Xing reluctantly hold a few more, gradually feel a burst of dizziness, the steel knife in his hand also couldn't help half a beat.Quebec head did wait for urgent, however, temuzhen such a hero on the side, than on the other hand down to deal with their own more reassuring, if really can't control, then kill him, also can't let him take refuge in the hands of others, one day run to deal with yourself, that's a nightmare for anyone.

Zhang he didn't expect d anger, unexpectedly make a breakthrough again, frightened at the same time, point steel gun to block, still can't completely block, d a shot in the shoulder, point steel gun eat pain in the hand, almost out of hand rather than.If tube hai can pull to Montenegro army to take refuge, is very good, but lyu3 bu4 with zhang yan dealt with, this is really not good to say, can't pin their hopes on there."Here!"相泽リナ|




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