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彩酷酷caikuku双色球|上海振南物业公司Chapter fifteen general inevitably die on the arrayChen Xing cross gun parry, But see coss will knife a slip, Cros Chen Xing's five fingers, Chen Xing hurriedly let go, One tap of the barrel, Swing the barrel to coss, Was coss wave a knife on the barrel of a gun, gun front stabbed back, almost stabbed Chen Xing throat, palm is rubbed under a layer of skin, see coss knife to again, Chen Xing struggling to support more than 30, gradually lost, see their army has been coss brought military forces scattered, the heart knows the situation has gone, the moment a gun, lemas then go."Yes." Two people no longer ask, looked at lyu3 bu4 under the leadership of the maid, toward khan king's tent direction.

From the information gathered by the parties, This man commanded the tribe, break quite fair, each time plunder property, will be equally distributed to subordinates, so in the army is quite prestigious and cohesive, and Kirby can tribe close to the frontier, Kirby can also rely on favorable conditions, actively learn Han knowledge, in the xianbei department, Kirby can is the only one dare to use a large number of Han leaders.According to lyu3 bu4's plan, Kui Tou did hit Daxi Xinjue a surprise, not from some complacent, looking at Daxi Xinjue in the canyon to rectify the army, can not help laughing: "Ha ha ha, this war, our army will win!""Ha ha ha ha ~" Step root suddenly looked up to the sky long smile, has been too long, inherited from his brother khan, has been too long without the respectful salute of these big tribal generals, at the moment looked at begging fu goyang finally soft, step root waved and said: "Well, today's things, I will not pursue, you go."彩酷酷caikuku双色球|Soon, two or three thousand women in the moon people from riding, gathered in front of lyu3 bu4.

彩酷酷caikuku双色球|"So what?" Lyu3 bu4 looked back at the cliff, has gradually gone away army, shook his head and said: "has been useless, no one will believe you, and, from the moment they walked out of the king's court, king's court, xianbei in the west, has been doomed to become history."The appearance of a person can make some adjustments through makeup, but some things can not be adjusted, such as … temperament!"Well, Wang Zuocai..." After a moment of silence, lyu3 bu4 waved his hand: "tube hai things, step up contact, see if that zhang yan has any hope of wooing, today is the first to here, meng qi, ling ming, you two people these days to step up training military forces, ready to go to war, all scattered."

Five years after the founding of the People's Republic of China, For the Central Plains, It's definitely not a good year, Cao Cao and Yuan Shao were in Guandu, Confronted for nearly half a year, from the time the snow has not yet melted, both sides in the guandu area, the fight for the start of a desperate struggle, all kinds of means, heap earth put arrows, dig tunnels, the battlefield can be used to the east method, or even forced to improve the catapult, out of a thunderbolt car.But now, With lyu3 bu4 before a series of deeds, Even simple and rude words, Now also became a golden saying, sounds very pleasing to the ear, subconsciously, two people are not willing to continue to meet lyu3 bu4 on the battlefield, lyu3 bu4 after these words, and invited two people back to the king's court, two people without hesitation agreed, anyway, military forces are still in their hands, even if the kui head want to kill them, also have to weigh."Send troops?" A few people smell speech zheng, but see giffin took out a symbol from the cuff.彩酷酷caikuku双色球|




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