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时时彩计划找q 5877578|深大成教Chapter 79 resignation"General! Several generals hurried forward to help him, but was pushed aside, in the eyes of the crowd, liu's countenance heavy straight forward"Impossible! Liu DHS cold

"Will it be too risky? We can wait until the hanzhong soldiers arrive." Deng xian smiled sadly.No directors in March?Meng da looked at liu zhang in surprise and shook his head and said, "if liu yizhou was not blinded by interests, it would not be so easy to let the Lord take yizhou."时时彩计划找q 5877578|"Consigliere, that zhuge liang is now storming jiangzhou, I wait to send reinforcements as soon as possible, in order to solve the river state of er. Deng xian frowned at pang tong and said: "if you can say zhang ren general, persuade some gateways garrison, then our troops can reach jiangzhou."

时时彩计划找q 5877578|"Hum!" Liu zhang complexion ugly look at meng da: "that don't know meng da general prepare to dispose of me?""Hey, what do I say? After all, he is my general, and I rely on them to keep the enemy at bay." This was the way liu zhang's voice sounded in his earsWaiting for cao cao to get the news here, I'm afraid it will be tomorrow, although it is not a brilliant strategy, but it can always add a little bit of nausea to both sides, will also look away from the owner.

Deng xian nodded, turned his head to see the scouts a way: "put them back."If you know these people's idea, estimate their pang tong and others will be straight, deng quiet river as the show is being such a baby to sleep, although the age is not big, but the outlook is not low, lyu3 bu4 cultivation of lu zheng is not just as simple dies studies, chang 'an to luoyang, the size of the government the kid all times, and each year lyu3 bu4 with lu zheng to visit the Great Wall, to see a real fight, both governance place practice ability, or to force commander in chief conductor, threw him a county town, are not necessarily inferior to pang tong these people do, and it is all of that kind of military and civilian.September 6, jiangzhou.时时彩计划找q 5877578|




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