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保卫破浪号|北京工具柜The smoke kept burning, there had been a wei county reinforcements appeared, but only a small, not even close, was zhang liao sent to disperse the troops, zhao DE knew, that is definitely zhang liao deliberately, the so-called no. 1 general under lv bu has a belly of bad water."Sakong, why? I have something to say!" Liu xie rushed out, trying to get rid of the tiger guards, but these tiger guards are trained by cao cao, only loyal to cao cao, how will listen to liu xie's command.Turned a head to see one eye zhao class head: "do what you should do!"

Cold arrows mercilessly from the training of a row of boats above wang yu forbidden camp shooting, arrow rain is not dense, often after a wave of arrows, cao jun thought the other side had stopped shooting, gan ning will give him a wave, just the cao army to fight back, caused more serious damage.Although it is a little dark, with Chen GUI dying, lu bu only feels refreshed these days, as if her soul has been washed again, and her thoughts are clear. Although there is no hint in the system, lu bu feels comfortable in the whole body.Zhaoyun swept through liaodong in that year, had a world war I single-handed picked gongsun du and wuhuan eight generals, the name of brave, the world sing, in the ban himself is not much confidence with zhaoyun to play, the meaning is: you together on.保卫破浪号|This is driving people away.

保卫破浪号|"The champion... Under the Lord's account, how many fierce generals!" Looking at, yu ban can not help but sigh a, in former days follow lu bu zhang liao gao shun not to say, now is this jizhou battlefield alone, ma chao, zhaoyun, ganning and which one is good with?"General! Old hu monk some anger, look at lu bu way: "since the general advocate hundred schools of thought contend, my buddhist is not included in this?"In front of the zhaode hall, there were eight divisions of hussars and guards on both sides. Each of them was the latest type of armor, not only beautiful, but also strong, with a uniform long halberd and sword. Of course, these were ceremonial weapons for such formal occasions.

Chapter thirty-three politeness before actionMention liu bei, zhaoyun is silent, lu lingqi also did not speak, after all, that represents a paragraph of unpleasant past.CAI MAO's hand fluttering disorderly quiver, the night, the gun shadow, some people can not see the true and false, just this pistol, CAI MAO in the arts but also some fire, but that also have to see with who.保卫破浪号|




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