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帅帅魂珠的作用是活动雨蓬'careful! The young man called xiaoze looked around and said with a frown, "whether you can succeed or not, it is not because you and I have said we can calculate. This time, we came to chang 'an to inquire about the real meaning of chang 'an."But HuGuan the fighting direction has attracted the attention of the lyu3 bu4, falling, grant zhang he dumped d's army, but near the HuGuan meet with pound, the soldiers outside HuGuan, a fireworks, in the end, the field adverse circumstances, zhang he will pound injures, the army has been brought by the pound military forces routed, and falling in grant together, with more than eight thousand residual forces before d and pound eventually encircle, fled into the taihang mountains, there is no news."Lingqi is my daughter, just like her father." Lv bu carefully looked at pang tong and shook his head: "the person is ugly, but this general's servants, don't ask beauty or ugliness, only ask ability, you are very lucky."

While he was worrying himself, another man stood out at the bottom of his hand and said, "general, your subordinates may help you find the secret way."His family background has always been a lingering obstacle in pang tong's heart, but now pang tong's mind is suddenly a figure, he does not have the burden of the family, if you can bring him, perhaps can perform life revenge.Chapter 73 the veteran of hebei帅帅魂珠的作用是Before him body, a graceful and graceful woman leans slanting edge of bed couch, the finger like jade sculpture is holding a cup of wine, faint look out the window, did not answer, a wisp of cool breeze is blown from the window, blow that light and frivolous gauze to fly, faint can see among them if disappear if appear intoxicating spring color.

帅帅魂珠的作用是One of the soldiers jumped up to the top of the city, and the shield in his hand was suddenly brandished, leaving a soldier who was about to lift a gun against the enemy with his spear and head smashed into the flesh and blood. The steel knife in his back hand was drawn from his waist.The process of this debate soon spread to cao cao. After all, there were quite a few celebrities in yingchuan at the beginning. Even after the debate, quite a few celebrities willingly stayed in chang 'an academy to study with zheng xuan.After screen flashed a person, beautiful appearance, similar to Yuan Shaoyou seven points, glanced at assume the direction of the left, hesitated, liu hand way: "mother, actually we don't need to do so, father's love for me, son of can also well above his elder brother and GuanJue can inherit the father in the future, why so?"

"Oh?" Addis slightly narrowed his eyes, this movement is with lyu3 bu4 learned, in this case, on behalf of the big miss is really angry, took a deep breath, snapping fingers the way: "let me calculate, xuande with schmit, and then the sun hae-chan, jung is the north sea, and then ran to the tao qian, um, and cao cao, it has been five surname, xuande male, who you are now ready to pit, little women help you count together."First came lu lingqi, then the magnificent sea, zhaoyun, pang tong, and finally followed a strong man into the room. Seeing this man, lu bu's eyes were also bright.Lyu3 bu2 wen2 yan is silent, he had received systematic reminder actually, say at this time, also can not help but some SOB, however the dead already yi, two people are a battle field, the veteran of common life and death, natural ability adjust oneself of state of mind.帅帅魂珠的作用是




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