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搜厨网赣州中国银行Cao cao assembled qingzhou, xuzhou, yanzhou, yuzhou a total of 300,000 troops, the million soldiers sent to transport grain to threaten the tiger prison.It seems that with the beginning of the rift between zhang song and liu zhang, liu zhang seems to have no hope for the old family of insincere, since the day of a big quarrel with zhang song, liu zhang began to enforce the legal system in a strong degree, in order to ensure the implementation of the government order, liu zhang from the white water pass ling bao transferred back to chengdu, chengdu military horse."Can jingzhou army's grain field ever be confirmed?" Lv meng have lost count of how many times did the week yu mentioned this matter, lv meng and said seriously: "our report has been confirmed, jingzhou of hay every day to nanyang, tuen mun in the bayou, and shipped to the front line of grain is also starting from 13 sent to the front line, just 13 fortified, our report to cannot get in, the chief but worry there are cheat?"

Cao cao this time a total of three hundred thousand troops, but three hundred thousand troops can not really silly in xingyang, behind the cao army, there are not many troops into the battlefield."If not, how will the benevolence of our guanzhong law be framed in the future?" Fa zheng shook his head and said with a smile, "after the defeat, our army can digest the middle of shu more quickly."Huang zhong sneers at a sound, in the hands of sand knife a Yang, not slow and slow a knife knock out, can be in the other side long gun near the body will be the other side long gun knock off.搜厨网"Does the emperor uncle want to say to want to be king not to become?" Sun jing narrowed her eyes and said lightly.

搜厨网Cao cao nodded, lu bu delayed the retreat of the two troops to luoyang, I am afraid that when cao cao could not support from the rear, xu chang took advantage of the virtual, if really let lu bu succeed, let alone break the tiger prison, even let cao cao break luoyang is useless."Find someone to copy ford." Lv bu took a glance at fu DE and said, "with these things, go to liu bei and wait for an opportunity to lurk in liu bei's side. Remember, it is just lurk, and there is no need to do anything. When needed, someone will inform you.'to the study! Zhang song a don't utter of take youth to enter his study, after affirming surroundings nobody, zhang song just repress voice nu way: "law xiao is straight, how dare you come here?"

"Lord, the army's heart is tired now. If we continue to fight it forcibly, I'm afraid the army's heart will change." Xunyou arch his hand to cao cao."Eldest brother, little younger brother is incompetent, tired the three armies are damaged, nearly ten thousand children and children are defeated, the consiglists give us dozens of crossbow wagons were all burned down, little younger brother originally have no face to see big brother, but he commit suicide, not true husband, is to come back to apologize, please big brother hair. Guan yu knelt on the ground and said in a muffled voice."I have no choice." Zhou yu looked at zhuge liang and shook his head. "搜厨网




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